Closing Agents and Servicing

Closing Agent Approvals

We understand that to deliver the best possible service to our customers we need to involve superior closing agents. We are excited at the opportunity to form new partnerships with attorneys and title companies.

If you are a closing agent and are interested in doing business with Mortgage Network, Inc., please click on the link below to obtain the instructions, checklist and required questionnaire. If you have any questions, comments or feedback on our process please email

Closing Agent Approval Process

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Understanding Mortgage Servicing

When you apply for a home mortgage, you may think that the lender will hold and service your loan until you pay it off or you sell your house. That’s often not the case. In today’s market, loans and the rights to service them often are bought and sold.

A home may be one of the most expensive purchases you ever make, so it’s important to know who is handling your payments and that your mortgage account is properly credited. Mortgage Network, Inc. wants you to know about how we service your residential mortgage loan. Please read Understanding Mortgage Servicing for more information.

For additional information or inquiries please email

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"You were patient, knowledgeable, super easy to work with and very very helpful. Love the combination of automated information at milestones and the personal outreach."

— Mariko M.

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